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Are you tired of driving around in a bouncy car? Koons Ford of Baltimore can help! Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help with all your strut and shock needs! Whether you're certain your shocks are in need of repair or you're looking to have a team of professionals determine that for you, Columbia drivers can count on the Koons Ford of Baltimore team!

When to Repair Shocks and Struts

Wondering how you can tell when to replace your shocks and/or struts? Fear not, there are a number of telltale signs that Baltimore area drivers can look for to help determine strut and shock status. For starters, if your vehicle tends to nosedive (excessively lurch forward) when you hit the brakes, your shocks and struts likely need some maintenance. Beyond this, Glen Burnie drivers can look for bouncy ride quality. Do you seem to bounce for an excessively long time after going over a speedbump or pothole? If yes, your shocks are likely in poor condition. Beyond the above-mentioned conditions, Dundalk drivers can look for leaking fluid from your shocks as another repair indicator. Already know you'd like to schedule a shock or strut service appointment at Koons Ford of Baltimore? Schedule a service appointmenttoday!

The Koons Ford of Baltimore Service Team

Our service team can assist Randallstown drivers with a host of service needs beyond struts and shocks! From brake repair to oil changes and routine checkups to a variety of more in-depth repair needs, drivers can look to the Koons Ford of Baltimore service team for assistance! Have a few lingering questions? Call or stop by our dealership to speak with an in-house service team member! Schedule a service appointment at Koons Ford of Baltimore!

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