Dennis Koulatsos
General Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1111

Dennis has been in the automotive industry since 1988, and with the Koons organization since 2005. He is committed to being of service and going the extra mile for all of our customers and our employees.

Mark Rodgers
General Sales Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1206

Mark has been in the car business and with Koons since 2012. Mark has two daughters and a son. He enjoys watching baseball, playing golf and thinking about his next car deal!

Tom Snyder
Sales Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1225

Tom started selling cars and been with Koons Ford since Feb. 2010 and is a New Vehicle Sales Manager. Previous to Koons, he worked for Golds Gym for five years, where he took advantage of a Crossfit Lvl 1 Personal Training Certification. He has been driving or riding shotgun in a Ford since the day he was born! He learned to drive in a 5spd 96 Mustang GT. So the first vehicle that he ever bought was a brand new 07 5spd Mustang GT. Recently, he become a member of the Ford Fusion family! He has found that the transparency and making sure everyone is on the same page throughout the purchase process is the best way to make sure everything goes perfectly! When his customers leave the dealership in their new vehicle, he wants them to be 100% satisfied! His goal is that all of his customers know they have someone in the business who will treat them right, someone they can come to and trust next time they are in the market, and that if they have any questions down the line, he is just an email away! He owns 2 German Shepard Mixed Breed rescues. He was born in Aurora, Colorado as one of four children,and raised near Annapolis. He completed the 2013 Tough Mudder Competition and is an ADA supporter and fundraiser, as well as an HRC supporter and sponsor.


Tim Robertson
Sales Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1202

Tim started in the auto industry and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2015.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. His interests outside of work are recreational shooting and cooking.

Jeff Watkins
Sales Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1201

Jeff started in the automotive industry and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2016.

Jeff Ramsburg
Sales Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1212

Jeff started in the automotive industry and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2018.  He enjoys spending his time outside of work with his lovely wife and two children.  Jeff likes to golf, watch the Ravens and Orioles and to grill.  He is a big Taco Bell guy.

Sandy McDermott
410-298-3800 ext 1100

Sandy came to Koons in 1985, having worked for the previous owner before Koons acquired the dealership. She began in the automobile business in 1981 in the finance end of the car business.Sandy later moved to the accounting department in 1984 and worked various accounting positions before becoming Controller.She and her husband, Pat, have been married for over 30 years and have a son and a Golden Retriever. Sandy enjoys reading, gardening, and crafts. She is active in her church and in supporting educational programs for women.Having grown up in Pittsburgh, she is a life-long Steelers fan.

Nicole Fleming
Human Resources
410-298-3800 x1110

Nicole started working in the auto business with Koons in 1995 as the Payroll Clerk. She has held a variety of positions within the accounting department. She has enjoyed making friends and contacts with employees at other Koons dealerships as well as other dealerships throughout Maryland and Virginia. There is never a dull moment, and that she is constantly learning new things. Nicole and her husband, Clint, are season ticket holders for the Baltimore Ravens and are very involved in fantasy football. They have been married since 1998.

Lu Brown
Office Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1114

Adam Litz
Parts Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1500

Adam started in the automotive industry at Normandy Ford in 1984. He has worked for Koons since May 2007. He has two children and a golden retriever. Adam is crazy for the Ravens! He enjoys cruising his Corvette to local car meets on the weekends. He also loves spring and summer activities like swimming, bass fishing, boating, golfing and going to the beach. His family loves to vacation in Ocean City and Orlando, Florida where Adam enjoys the search for the elusive 10 pound bass.

Jack Lawrence
Asst. Parts Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1507

Jack has worked in Ford parts since 1988 and with Koons since 2007. He started out as a Parts Driver, then the Stock Room and in 1990 got his first Parts Counter position. In 2010, he was promoted to Assistant Parts Manager. Jack is a single father of two girls. He enjoys fishing and hunting. He says the best part of his job is learning the new technology that Ford uses in their automobiles. He likes lifted 4X4 Ford trucks and has a lifted 2006 Ranger that he keeps impeccably clean. Jack enjoys cheering for the Ravens and the Orioles.



Ahmed Baroud
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1307

Ahmed started working for Koons in 2001. He is Palestinian, from the Gaza Strip. Ahmed earned his masters degree in International Relations, and he enjoys traveling, history and current world events. He is fluent in Arabic. When Ahmed is not working, he spends all of his free time with his wife, two daughters and two sons.

Pete Dixon
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1235

Pete started working at Koons in November 2002. It was his first time in the car business and he loved it. Prior to car sales, Pete was a dispatcher at Yellow Transportation. Pete sold new cars for 8 1/2 years and now sells both new and used vehicles. He likes to treat people the way he likes to be treated with patience and caring for their needs.Pete has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Norman Dowdy
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1210

Norm has been in sales for over 40 years. He started with Park Sausage Co, but jumped into car sales in 1982 and with Koons in 2005. He has been a director of used cars and a buyer, but he loves sales. Norm has been married to Janet since 1987 and has 3 kids, 4 grandkids. He plays golf every chance he can and was the President of Paragon Golf Club for 20 years. Norm also proudly served his country in Vietnam as a United States Marine.

Derek Lewis
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1241

Derek started in auto industry in 2001, all with The Great Organization at Koons. Derek says, Car Sales is second to breathing to me. He is Master Certified with several awards and honors that mirrors his dedication. He has a daughter and a son and an Aussie named Quincy. His hobbies include building model cars, reading and watching old action movies. He also assists on his sons AAU Basketball team with plays and strength training and with the Pikesville Middle School PTA.

Keith Schopman
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1422

Keith joined the Koons Baltimore Ford crew in 2014. He has been married to his lovely wife Christina since 1988 and is the father of two beautiful children, Casey and John. He enjoys fishing, hang gliding, reading and simply being with people. 

Jimmy Dawodu
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1410

Jimmy started in the automotive industry in 1998 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2016.

Kirby Beccio
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1248

Kirby started in the car business in 2006 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2017. He enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend and their son. 

Erik Diaz
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1229

Erik started in the car business and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2018. He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, playing golf and sports.  His interests are cars and motorcycles. Erik is an honest open book, who enjoys meeting new people. He is always smiling and will help anyone at any time.  

Michelle McBride
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1217

Michelle started in the automotive industry in 2017 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2018. She likes to travel and has visited over 30 states and 3 countries so far. She also likes music and any kind of trivia game. Michelle strives to provide excellent customer service and likes to be a top producer each month.

David Wright
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1425

David started in the automotive industry in 1986 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2019.  He has been awarded Master Detailer.  His interests are sports and spending time with his 3 children. 

Robert Young
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1239

Robert started in the automotive industry and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2019.  He enjoys spending time with his 2 children, watching car videos, fixing bicycles, watching sales videos and real estate.  Robert likes people!

Ammar Al Dahhan
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1223

Frank Janezic
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1237

Rashard Holman
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1247

Joshua Townes
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1612

Frank Tucto-Poma
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1903

Ray McLaughlin
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1219

Cheniqua Lee
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1427

Denard Carey
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1405

Jacob Parks
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1403

Samy Hassouneh
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1221

Liz Garcia
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1227

Dwayne Omafodezi
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1413

Shar Chadha
Product Specialist
410-298-3800 ext 1208



Steve Ageloff
Finance Director
410-298-3800 ext 1246

Steve has been in the car business since 1988. He started at what was known as Koons Lincoln Mercury Volvo. His current position at Koons Ford of Baltimore started in 1996, and he has never looked back.Steve and his wife Karen have raised 5 children. They enjoy bike riding, swimming and travel. One of his passions is creating and maintaining a backyard vacation spot. That is where they spend most of their free time.

Matthew Legare
Finance Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1305

Matt started in the automotive industry in 2013 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2018.  He enjoys traveling, pool, black jack, movies, basketball and working out when he is not working.

Tonay Chowdhury
Finance Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1304

Kristen Weikel
Finance Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1306


Parts Counterman

Todd Pendergrast
Parts Counterman
410-298-3800 ext 1508

Todd has worked since 1987 in the Ford parts industry and is Master Certified.  He began working for Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2007 and regrets not being with Koons his entire career in the industry.

Mike Malatesta
Parts Counterman
410-298-3800 ext 1505


Body Shop Manager

Dorise Slay
Body Shop Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1701

Dorise has been at the Body Shop since 2004. She loves working with all the staff at the dealership and enjoys working with customers. Dorise has been married to Alton since 1999 and is the mother of seven children. She has nine grandchildren, two great grandchildren, three dogs and on cat.  Dorise enjoys shooting pool, boating, gardening, working with children, cooking and race cars.


Body Shop Estimator

Jeff Klass
Body Shop Estimator
410-298-3800 ext 1714

Jeff started with Koons in 2002 at Koons White Marsh Chevy and transferred to Koons Baltimore Ford in 2009. His hobbies include riding and racing motorcycles, boating and spending time with his family.

Justin Augustine
Body Shop Estimator
410-298-3800 ext 1700

Justin has been in the automotive industry since 2002 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore since 2015. He has been married to his wife, Julie since 2011. They have a daughter and a pet dog. They enjoy family time doing outdoor activities, sports for fun and going to the beach. Justin also enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Timothy Isaac
Body Shop Estimator
410-298-3800 ext 1708

Michael Colohan
Body Shop Estimator
410-298-3800 ext 1706


Service Advisor

Ken Dillon
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1610

Ken started in the automotive industry in 1988 and originally with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 1995.  He came back to Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2004.

Jay Stewart
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1613

Jay started in the auto industry in 2003 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2106. His interests are drag racing, playing pool and basketball. Jay is a very talented unique individual who loves to master everything he learns and gives 110% in most of the things he does.

Prema Buschmann
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1609

Ulessly Relf
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1602

Ulessly started in the automotive industry and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2020.  His interests outside of work are weight training and motorcycle riding.

Mark Drahuschak
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1614

Joshua Daniels
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1621

John Martinez
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1601

Layna Welch
Service Advisor
410-298-3800 ext 1600


Facility Management

Slavo Gladis
Facility Manager
410-298-3800 ext 1503

Slavo started in the automotive industry in 1999 and with Koons Ford of Baltimore in 2006.