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Chances are, you need a reliable vehicle to get around in. From your daily commutes to your family driving needs, having the right kind of vehicle is crucial these days, but it's often the leasing and financing details that can scare people away. When shopping for the perfect ride here at our Baltimore, MD Ford dealership serving Columbia, Randallstown, Dundalk and Glen Burnie, we make the financing process easy to follow along and less stressful than you might find with other stores. Head on over today and speak with one of our helpful financing experts so we can go over your options.

When it comes to the excellent new Ford models we have here in Baltimore, you'll want to decide if a lease or loan for purchase is your best bet. Leasing has advantages such as lower monthly costs, more options at the end of the agreement, while buying a new Ford might prove to be the more cost-effective investment over the long haul. Similarly, you'll want to explore your financing options for our many used vehicles we have in stock, including several from the Ford brand. We know that going through the details of what you owe up front and over several months isn't the most appealing sounding discussion, but it's important. That's because the perfect fit in any kind of vehicle means finding one that works for your budget.

As we go over your financing options, we'll also be sure to direct you toward our current new Ford specials, as well as our lineup of featured used vehicles, all of which are great places to start your search. Seeing our best deals available can give you an early idea of what your lease or loan situation will look like, all as we help you get behind the wheel of the perfect kind of car.

Explore your financing options right here online, then come on over to Koons Ford of Baltimore today to get started.


No-Hassle Trade Evaluation

Our trade-in experts at Koons of Baltimore will give you the most market reflective vehicle pricing for your used car, truck, van, or SUV. click here

Buy vs Lease

Buying a car is easy, how you pay for it is a little more involved. If you're looking for information on what works better for you click here.

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Auto Finance Vocabulary

Buying a vehicle is an easy process. Like any industry, however, the financing world has its share of odd and sometimes difficult to understand language. Here's a short list of the most common terms used during the finance process:

> APR:
The Annual Percentage Rate

> Assignment:
A transfer of a loan from one lender to another

> Base Price:
The costs of a car with standard equip incentives & freight

> Certificate of Title:
A Legal document issued by a state at the time of sale

> Co-signer:
A person who takes on a loan if the orig. borrower stops pay

> Default:
Failure to meet the terms of the loan

> Interest:
A percentage charge for a loan

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

> Refinance:
When one loan is used to pay off another

> Term:
The length of the loan, 24, 48, 60... months

> Underwriting:
Verifying the data used to obtain a loan

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