The latest model year version of the Ford F-150 brings a host of new features to the forefront. Drivers can look forward to a brand-new hybrid engine option along with a brand-new generator feature! If you're looking to a new full-sized truck that offers futuristic functionality, then you'll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle better suited than the F-150. The all-new F-150 also boasts a host of other new features to help drivers take on tough tasks with modern efficiency.

PowerBoost Hybrid Powertrain

The all-new hybrid engine features an array of functional additions that combined to provide drivers with a truly unique powertrain option. The all-new PowerBoost engine features a 47-horsepower electric motor, a lithium-ion battery, and regenerative braking, which all work together to provide a host of nifty features (like Pro Power Onboard).

Notable Features with the PowerBoost Hybrid Powertrain

  • Power in box: 120- or 240-volt outlets accessible on the truck bed
  • 1.5-kW-hr lithium-ion battery: distinctly modern, the lithium-ion battery is liquid cooled and features minimized weight that manages to deliver optimum performance. The battery is mounted between the frame rails and below the load floor with a vibration isolation system
  • 35kW electric motor: this electric engine works in unison with the gas engine to provide regenerative braking capture to maximize efficiency
  • Electrically boosted brakes: high voltage air conditioning compressor accommodate engine-off situations
  • 10-speed modular hybrid transmission: specifically designed to work with the hybrid engine, the 10-speed hybrid transmission helps ensure smooth shifting during all kinds of situations

Pro Power Onboard

This all-new feature allows drivers to turn their F-150 into a mobile workstation by turning the engine into a mobile generator! The power output is dependent on the engine, but the power spectrum spans from 2.0 kilowatts to a seriously powerful 7.2 kilowatts variant. Drivers interested in opting for the 2.0 kilowatts option can look to the available 2.7-liter V8 engine as their powertrain. 2.0 kilowatts offers up an array of power opportunities, ranging from powering portable speakers to powering a blender, a mini-fridge, and a television! Stepping to the 2.4-kilowatt option means that drivers must jump to the PowerBoost engine. Outlets are in the truck bed, with dual 12-volt options. Operate power tools or setup a neighborhood drive-in theater right from the back of your truck bed! The most powerful generator option more than doubles the 2.4-kilowatt option, clocking in 7.2-kilowatts of power. This optional generator option comes with the available PowerBoost engine, features four 120-volt outlets, and a near endless array of power opportunities. With 7.2-kilowatts at your disposal, you can take on serious tasks. Power an array of power tools, setup a mobile metal shop, or charge your electric bikes! The options are nearly endless!

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