You're looking for the right SUV for your family, so you likely have a lot of high expectations for your next ride. It needs to be smooth-driving, spacious and, above all, safe. That's why we here at Koons Ford of Baltimore, we have just the thing in a mid-sized SUV just for you: the 2018 Ford Escape.

Drivetrain and Efficiency in One SUV

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Ford is making great strides towards an SUV that will save you a bit more at the pump. The engine on the basic trims of the Escape is a 2.5 liter iVCT Engine with FlexFuel capability, allowing it to run on other types of unleaded fuel, such as ethanol-blended varieties. Some trims, such as the Escape SEL, are capable of up to 30 miles to the gallon and feature Auto Start-Stop technology, allowing the engine to shut off temporarily at stopping points and resume again upon accelerating. With less fuel being burned idling at intersections, this saves you a decent amount of fuel in the long run.

More Durable and Affordable Wheels

When it comes to the wheels on the Ford Escape, a big change this SUV has over other SUVs of its class is the material the wheels are made out of. Basic trims of the Escape come standard with 17-inch stainless steel wheels and higher trims come with 18-inch aluminum ones. No matter which material, you'll find that they are a lot more durable than the alloy wheels you'll find on luxury SUVs.

While the steel ones may be a lot heavier, you'll find that they are easier to fix if bent out of shape, as are aluminum wheels. Alloy wheels are much more prone to cracking and breaking under heavier impact.

Ready in Baltimore When You Are

For your next affordable and reliable SUV, the 2018 Ford Escape is the way to go and Koons Ford of Baltimore is the place to go to find one. So, come test drive the all-new Escape today! We're located in Baltimore, but we're conveniently serving customers from all around the surrounding areas as well. Hope to see you soon!

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