Make Holiday Travel Easier with These Packing Tips

There are a lot of things we love about the holidays but, if you're like us, there are some things we're not too thrilled about either; one of them, particularly, is packing luggage for those longer trips. Fortunately for us, Tia Mowry in the video below has some excellent packing hacks that we can all benefit from. Here's a quick list, if you don't have time for the video:

  • Roll up your clothes to save space and cut down on wrinkles
  • Secure your breakable items inside something more durable; for example, roll your perfume or cologne into a glove, then put that glove into a shoe you're packing.
  • Get creative with empty space! If you're packing an empty thermos, fill it with small items like toiletries or snacks to make the most of it.
  • If you're packing to return home and not all of your clothes are clean, defeat the funk by putting a drier sheet in your luggage.



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